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Legal Aid Service provides bro bono legal assistance to journalists facing threats, attacks, restrictions, or judicial pressure which encroach upon journalistic freedom.  

Legal Aid Service has established a national network of five law firms with strong expertise in media law. These firms have agreed to provide pro bono legal aid and litigation services to strengthen the autonomy and legal protection of journalists:

  1. COBALT (https://www.cobalt.legal/lv)
  2. Sorainen (https://www.sorainen.com/lv/kontakti/)
  3. Azanda & Asssociates (https://www.azanda.lv/lv/)
  4. Rasa, Ešenvalds and Radziņš (https://rer.legal)
  5. Sworn advocate Ilona Bulgakova (https://www.bulgakova.lv)

Free legal aid for journalists is provided both as general advice and representation in a specific matter regardless of whether the matter has been initiated by the media or against the media. Strategic litigation to set important precedents for the media industry is a top priority. 

All journalists and media outlets may apply for legal aid. But as the capacity to provide free legal aid is limited, each application is considered individually and may be accepted or rejected as the Legal Aid Service sees fit in its sole discretion. 

General criteria for consideration for media outlets:

General criteria for consideration for journalists:

If the matter is initiated by third parties or they threaten to start the matter. Priority will generally be given to the cases that involve: 

If the matter is initiated by journalist or media outlet, priority will be given to the cases that involve:

Each application of a journalist or media outlet will be reviewed by a commission consisting of Egita Karlsone, the Head of the Legal Aid Service, Linda Bīriņa, the Legal head of the Service, and Iļja Kozins, the chairman of the board of the Latvian Journalists’ Association. 

For information, please contact Egita Karlsone by e-mail: egita.karlsone@sseriga.edu

For legal help, please fill the application: https://forms.gle/XEMHyggYh6homWht7

The UNESCO Global Media Defence Fund has provided financial support for the establishment of the Service.

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