24/02/2024 02:38

The procedure for submitting complaints to the LŽA Ethics Commission is as follows:

  1. We only accept complaints about LŽA members.  The complaint must state the specific violation of the LŽA Code of Ethics which, in the eyes of the complainant, may have occurred.  There must also be an explanation of how the article, broadcast, photograph or other work by the LŽA member has violated the Code of Ethics.
  2. When receiving a complaint, the commission first decides on whether it satisfies the aforementioned criteria.  If so, then the complaint is forwarded to the relevant member so that he or she can prepare a reply.
  3. When the reply is received, the Ethics Commission reviews the complaint and the reply, asking the parties involved to take part in the process if necessary.
  4. The commission then decides whether the Code of Ethics has been violated and prepares a written explanation of its decision.

5.  The decision, complaint and reply are posted on the LŽA homepage.  Complaints can be submitted to etikaskomisija@gmail.com, to zurnalisti.nvo@gmail.com, or by ordinary mail to the Latvian Association of Journalists, Strēlnieku Street 4, Rīga LV-1010, Latvia.